David Pompili, an artist at the Hotel Arca

ACTIONS by Gianluca Marziani Hotel Arca Spoleto Festival. THE LIFE THAT SALES Gianluca Marziani

David Pompili enters with his living surfaces in the connective spaces of Hotel Arca. It rises along the steps and walls that accompany the floors, dressing the place with a new narrative dimension. His work changes the neutral view of the wall through a figurative shot that overturns the rules of the game: now the images speak, their voice is a dissonant song that mixes genres and rhythms, voice and instruments, analog and digital, micro and macro, black and white and color.
The artist is saying that there is another possible world, a new and dormant angle, ready to take on the burden of the stage and the honor of the tribune; art thus becomes a figurative spectacle, an electric current that lights up the aura of faces in the crowd, bodies in the mass, looks in chaos. The world of Pompili observes and selects, metabolizing fragments that mount new relationships on the wall. Polyphonic dialogues are born, further semantic boundaries, renewed focus on details that become high-emotional climaxes. The actions of their looks activate the action of our crossing, they are there on the walls and they observe us after we have loved their athletic, creative, singing, recitative gestures ... memory as a space for the present, an engine of lovely remains that affects wall the traces of epic feats, the memory of a Spoleto who wrote memorable pages for international culture.
In the spaces of Hotel Arca the two worlds of the Festival become multiple worlds, 360-degree visions in the crowd of familiar but also intimate faces, complicit friends and lovers together with the myths of a great almodovarian party, actors in a fixed-gear party that seems to contain the background sound, the noises of the heels on the wood, the words mixed with the powerful basses, the jingling of jewels, the rolling of the coin that bounces along the stairs ...
Umberto Boccioni loved to talk about a rising city, sensing the twentieth century vertical progress, the complexity of new trades, the shift from the countryside to urban centers. Pompili's installation brings me back to that old title and certain futuristic atmospheres, to a centripetal motion of bodies in the boundless space of the work. Today it is life that rises, its energy as a great show, the vibration of talent at full capacity. Here we listen to the work and walk through its surface threshold, sensing the size of the panoramic field, rediscovering the rainbow land of the past and imagining the epic of a future that is still possible.
Going up, going up, going up ... and then going down, floor by floor, returning to the starting point but in a different way, with the memory that has captured faces and fragments, between stories inside stories in the middle of music that grows in volume ... iconic events inside the vitality of the positive, an action that rises inside us as the story winds around the place.