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FLYING TREES Gianluca Marziani (Director of Palazzo Collicola Arti Visive)

The tree draws paths in the landscape, protects and defends from natural events, gives fruits that feed life, produces the wood with which we build structures and objects of the civil community … every tree is a silent child that humanity adopts without burden, knowing the immobile autonomy, its longing for the sky but also the firm attachment to the earth. Each tree is a vertical bridge between the ground and the natural ceiling, a solid friend who records the time of History on the archaic layers of its rugged bark.
Our Umbria is a land rich in trees, widespread along most of the regional territory. If anyone ever had to record the total number of trees on a defined area, he would find that in Umbria the density is among the highest in Italy. A presence that touches the medieval villages and small towns, the soft hills and impervious mountains, crossing with waterfalls and lakes, immense plains and surprising spaces, until you enter the places you would not expect, becoming the pictorial surface of a site like HOTEL ARCA, the hotel in which we find ourselves right now, as you read this text that introduces you to a second journey that crosses your thoughts and will lead you over the hills, towards the sky of private dreams, towards the rooms where you will spend your night in Umbria.
On the façade there was the olive leaf, repeated by Tellas with sinuous rhythm and theatrical mimicry, so similar to an ivy that embraces the building and insinuates itself between the rigorous geometries of the windows. Once inside, you greeted the first olive tree of OB QUEBERRY, unhooked from the ground, flying like a daydream, an ideal invitation to the rooms waiting for the temporary guest (By the way, have you ever thought that ALBERO and HOTEL are they almost identical words?).
There are 19 rooms for as many trees painted by the artist. OB has chosen five types, opting for the most widespread in the Region: ULIVO, LECCIO, ROVERELLA, GLICINE, VITE. Each tree interprets a visionary fantasy of the author, impressing on the white wall of the single room, opening a poetic window in which to plunge the nomad look. The tree becomes the pass to the impossible, a means by which to travel from stationary together with the inventive power of liberating thoughts. You will never see live trees flying like jellyfish or rain from the leafy branches: because only visual art makes it plausible what in reality does not exist, only the artist puts wings on the wood and makes the trunk a darting feather . OB QUEBERRY opens the curtains of the dream and invites us to the journey of the wandering trees, to climb on their trunk to fly up, up, higher and higher …
When the mind will then bring you back to the ground, you will notice that you are not alone: ​​because the artist has scattered in every room a small ANIMAL, painted in a hidden place, where the eye does not fall immediately. Have fun discovering where that little friend is, in the meantime follow the trail of the trees, their matissian dance, the slippery noise of their branches in the wind … if you leave the room and go down to the restaurant, you will see the artist's last surprise : it is an MELO, the tree that gives the first fruit of humanity, the fruit of the symbolic origins, of the original sin, of Plato with his Symposium, of Isaac Newton with his law of gravity, of a company - Apple - which is transforming the world … today that apple tree is transformed into the passport of your trip to Umbria, of your daydream, of your temporary presence in a very special hotel.